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The Roles tab creates flexibility for administrators to provide specific access to the other tabs and candidate information.

Best Practices

  • If you are using this feature, every time you have a new Hiring Manager or Administrator, you need to give them roles.
  • Every CivicHR system, by default, uses automatic roles. This is a predetermined set of roles that each administrator and hiring manager can access. We understand that the needs of each of our customers can vary and that for some customers this level of control is unnecessary. This feature is only turned on by request.
  • User Roles is a multi-phase project. Only the first phase of the project is complete. This means that only roles concerning the Candidate Detail Popup are configurable. The next phases of the project will address Candidate Management and then the remaining pieces of ATS.

Important Note 

  • User Roles is an advanced feature and is only turned on by request. Contact us if you would like this feature turned on.


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Roles tab
  3. Select Create Role
    • Note: Just click on an existing user to edit, same fields will appear
  4. Fill in fields
    • Name: Title of role
    • Description: Briefly describe levels of access
    • Role Keys: Check to add levels of access
  5. Select Save Role


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