Modify an Assessment



This article will show you how to modify an existing Assessment.

Best Practices

  • Use the job title as the assessment title
  • Double-check that all your Questions have answers

Important Note

If an assessment is on a published requisition, changes to the assessment will not affect the requisition. In order for the changes to take effect, you must republish the requisition.


  1. Select Assessments
  2. Select the desired Assessment
  3. Complete desired changes:
    • Title: Display name of the assessment; it is recommended to use the job title in this field
    • Description: Description of the assessment; this will appear in the instruction area that the candidate sees
    • Sensitive: Note if this assessment has sensitive information
    • Create New Question: Select the name of an existing question to edit its detail
      • Text Box: Single line text field; use this field for short, open-ended answers
      • TextBox Multiline: Multiple line text field, appropriate for longer open-ended answers; recommended in most cases as the box will expand to accommodate the text.
      • Dropdown List: Multiple options display in a drop-down; can only have one answer
      • Checkbox List: Multiple options display in a checkbox list; can have more than one answer
      • Radio Button List: Multiple options display in a radio button list; can only have one answer
      • Yes No: Only allows the applicant to select Yes or No
      • Note: More information about adding a new question can be found in the Add a Question to an Assessment section
  4. Select Save Assessment

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