Types of Candidates & Unsubmitted Applications


This article will define Active, Dismissed, Archived, and Passive Candidates. It will also explain candidates with unsubmitted applications.

Active Candidates

When you first load the page you will see all your active candidates. These are candidates that belong to active requisitions and have not been dismissed.


Dismissed Candidates

The Dismissed tab contains all candidates who have a candidate status of dismissed and belong to active requisitions.


Archived Candidates

Archived candidates are candidates that are in “storage”. The requisitions they belong to are no longer active and are closed.

Note: A requisition is closed when its status is closed. This is separate from the close date on the requisition which only controls when candidates can apply and how long it appears on your career portal.


Passive Candidates 

Passive candidates are those who sign up to receive job alerts. You can also add and delete passive candidates.

Unsubmitted Applications

These are individuals who start an application but do not submit the application. If the candidate complete enough of the application that they have input the email and phone number, those will be available to you here.

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