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System Links and Access

Welcome to CivicHR - Your System Links 

During your implementation, your Project Manager will set up your site and give you your system links. A rundown of those links are as follows:

  • http://{OrganizationName} This is the login to the back-end of CivicHR. Only administrators, supervisors/hiring managers will be able to get in.
  • http://{OrganizationName} This is the public-facing career portal where external candidates (and sometimes internal candidates depending on how your system is setup) will go to apply for jobs.
  • http://{OrganizationName} This is a page that is used to embed CivicHR jobs into a website 
  • http://{OrganizationName} This is the link to the Employee Portal. If you are using a separate internal application, your system will be configured by your project manager to use this. 
  • http://{OrganizationName} This is the page that is used to embed CivicHR jobs into an intranet.

Where do I log in?

  • If you are an administrator or a hiring manager/supervisor you should go to http://{OrganizationName}
  • If you are an external candidate, you should go to the Career Portal
  • If you are an internal candidate, you should either go to the Career Portal or the Employee Portal. Your system administrator will be to direct you to the correct link
  • If you are an employee who is trying to access an onboarding plan, internal job postings, or performance reviews, go to the Employee Portal

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