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This article will show you how to review a candidate.  


  1. Navigate to Candidates
  2. Select a candidate
  3. The first tab presents Candidate Information
    • Note: Based on your role, you may see different information here.
    • Candidate Personal Information: Information the candidate enters on their application; type into the fields to edit
      • First Name: Enter the candidate's first name
      • Middle Name: Enter the candidate's middle name
      • Last Name: Enter the candidate's last name
      • Email: Enter the email
        • Note: This will be the employee's username and password when they first log in and will be used to send system-generated emails.
      • Phone: Enter the phone number
      • Address: Enter the address
      • City: Enter the city
      • State: Enter the state
      • Zip: Enter the ZIP
      • Note: Select Save to save changes.
    • Rating Summary: Overall Rating is set to the assessment score
      • Note: Select stars to override the default.
      • Note: Below the Overall Rating is a set of stars for each person you have routed to. If the hiring manager has not responded, the rating will be grey. If the hiring manager has responded their rating will be filled in with orange stars.
    • Credit Report: Optional area that shows whether or not the candidate agreed to a credit report
      • Note: This setting can be turned on under Settings.
    • Candidate Scores: Scores the candidate receives from filling out the assessment section at the end of the application
      • BMQ: Basic Minimum Qualifications 
      • Assessment Score: Displays the score they received on a pre-hire assessment; this must be set up prior to job posting
      • Note: You must add supplemental questions before you post the requisition in order for the candidates to be scored.
    • Account Information: Basic information about when the candidate applied and when they were last viewed
    • Status
      • Candidate Status: Disposition of the candidate
      • Candidate Source: Source of candidate application origin
      • Candidate Group: Add candidates to groups
    • Quick Links: Quick access to the application, resources, and sharing options
      • View Application: Job application that the candidate submitted
      • Document Export: Allows you to download the application and all candidate resources as a .zip file
      • Share: Allows you to share the application and resources, or just the resume, with an individual via email
  4. The second tab is Resources
    • Note: Shows you documents that the candidate has uploaded with their application. At any time, a candidate can upload additional documents. Administrators also have the option to upload attachments as well. You can drag-and-drop or select the file, choose resource type, and then click Upload.
  5. The third tab is Activity
    • All Activities: All information
    • Log: Audit trail of all changes
      • Note: These are all notes from administrators and hiring managers.
    • Email: Emails the candidate receives
    • Application: All the positions the candidate has applied to
    • Add New Note: View information to add new notes in our article View, Edit, and Add Candidate Notes
    • Note: Select Include All Requisitions to include all information from all the candidate's requisitions.
  6. The fourth tab is Routing
    • Note: Routing information will be logged and appear on this tab under the search bar.
    • Note: You can click Route Candidate to route the candidate to multiple hiring managers.
      • Select the hiring managers and the resources
      • Enter routing notes to give instructions to the hiring managers.
  7. The fifth tab is Interviews
    • Note: This will display a list of all the interviews that are scheduled for the candidate.
  8. The sixth tab is Justifacts
    • Note: Justifacts is a rare option, and you must have this integration turned on to see it. Many users will not see this tab.
    • For more information, view our article Justifacts Background Checks Integration

Routing Back to the Administrator

    • On the main tab, after you open a candidate, the section for Your Evaluation holds routing information.
    • Admin Notes are instructions the administrator sends to you. The rating is where you put in your rating. Just click the stars to save your rating.
    • When you are ready to send your response back to the administrator, type in the notes section and click Submit. The Submit button will become enabled once you have entered in some notes.
    • Resources: If the Administrator has routed resources with the candidate's application, you will see those documents. Click the file name to download the resource.
    • Activity: This is where you will see all notes on the candidate. If an administrator has shared additional notes with you, you will see those here. You may also enter an unlimited number of notes for yourself here as well.
      • Disclaimer: Any notes you enter are visible to the administrator.

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