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This article will show you how to edit an employee.


  1. Select the employee you would like to edit
  2. Fill in Employee Information fields:
    • Employee Personal:
      • First, Middle, Last Name: Name of your employee.
      • Email: Employee's username and password when they first log in
        • Note: This email will also be used to send a system generated email.
      • Phone: Employee's phone number
      • AddressAddress 2, City, State, Zip: Employee's personal address
    • Job Information:
      • Location: Where the employee works
      • Supervisor: Person the employee reports to
      • Job Title: Determines what boarding forms and sections are pre-aligned when a new plan is made for this employee 
      • Hire Date and Start Date: Used for reporting purposes 
    • Quick Links:
      • Reset Password: Automatically resets the employee's password
      • Archive: Enter a Termination Date and Reason
        • Note: Select Archive button to finalize termination
    • Roles
      • Select appropriate check boxes for System Admin, Supervisor, Confidential Appraiser, and/or Hiring Manager
  3. Navigate to Activity tab
    • Note: The tab shows a timeline of changes for the employee. You can see all changes, who did them, and when. You can also enter an unlimited number of notes. 
    • Note: To add a new note, select Add New Note
  4. Navigate through Onboarding Plans: Add, edit, and delete plans for the employee
    • View our article Create Onboarding Plan for more information
    • Use edit and delete buttons to edit and delete existing plans

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