Add a Candidate Manually



This article will show you how to add a candidate manually. 



  1. Navigate to Candidates on the left-hand screen

  2. Select Create New Candidate in the upper right corner

  3. Complete the candidate information
    • First Name: Candidate's first name as listed on the application/resume
    • Middle Name (optional): Candidate's middle name if it is listed on the application/resume
    • Last Name: Candidate's last name as listed on the application/resume
    • Email: Candidate's email address 
    • Job Requisition: Job the candidate is applying for
    • Address 1: First address line of the candidate's address
    • Address 2 (optional): Second address line of the candidates address, for instance, Apartment, Building, etc.
    • State: State associated with the address
    • Zip Code: Zip code associated with the address
    • Primary Phone (optional): Primary phone number for the candidate
    • Alternate Phone (optional): Alternative phone number for the candidate

  4. Click Save Candidate

Note: It is recommended to attach any copies of applications, resumes, or cover letters to the candidate after you have added them. For instructions on how to do this, please visit our Add Files/Resources to Candidates article.

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