Requisition Close Date vs Closed Requisition


The definition of a Closed Requisition might be a little confusing.  

On a requisition, there is an area to state the Open and Close Date of a requisition. These dates only control when the requisition is available to candidates. 

For example, in the picture, below the close date is set to 7/14/2017 at 11:59 PM. That means when the clock strikes midnight on 7/15, the requisition will disappear from the career portal, and candidates will no longer be able to apply.


  • Note: If a candidate is in the middle of an application when a requisition closes, the next time they go to save or submit, a notification will display that says they missed the deadline.

After the close date on the requisition expires, the requisition is still active. The requisition closes to candidates but is technically not in a closed state.

If you hire more than one candidate on this requisition, you should check the box for Perpetual Requisition. This means that the requisition can have unlimited hired, and will remain open until you choose to close it. The default is for requisitions to close after hiring one person.


Once you are completely done with the requisition and you have made your final hiring decision, the very last thing you do should be to close the requisition. You must select Close to confirm.


This moves all your candidates over into Archive. This is the final state for the requisition. It is essentially in storage.

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