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Supervisor Overview


This article will tell Supervisors how to log in, explain Documents, explain Support resources, and describe employee management.

Supervisor Login 

  • Your System URL: https://[state abbreviation]-[organization name]
    • Example:
  • Username (default): Your email address
  • Password (default): Contact your system administrator
    • Note: If you are not able to log in, contact your HR department for assistance.

Documents: Find helpful resources 

  • Contents of this section may vary by organization.
  • Typically, you will find User Guides and any helpful resources that HR administrators provide.


  • If you have issues with CivicHR, you should first contact your HR administrator.
  • If you are not able to reach them, contact Support.

Employee Reviews: Check employee reviews

  • Check the list of employee reviews for accuracy.
  • Check each of your employees’ reviews for accuracy.
  • Contact your HR administrator with any corrections.
  • If you are required to input employee or job-specific objectives, add these factors now.
  • Reviews should be in In-Progress status until all factors have been added.

Track Performance Notes and Feedback

  • You can use Feedback sections, Performance Notes, and Performance Documents at any time.
  • The more you do during the year, the more relevant the feedback will be and the less time it will take.

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