Require Feedback for Minimum/Maximum Threshold



There may be instances where administrators would like to require feedback on a performance evaluation. They can use the Require Feedback for Threshold setting.


Important Notes

  • These settings are universal to all reviews and take effect immediately after you click Save Settings. You can also use these two settings in tandem with one another.
  • In some instances, these settings will not matter. For example, if a review section is set to feedback only, there are no scores to enforce a feedback threshold.


  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Select Review Settings 

  3. Click on General Settings tab

  4. Scroll to Manage Evaluation Level Settings and adjust the settings
    • Require Feedback for Minimum Threshold: Requires feedback when a score is given below a point value
    • Require Feedback for Maximum Threshold: Require feedback when a score is given above a point value
    • Note: Another way to read these settings is, what is the minimum or maximum score I could give someone without giving feedback? Anything above or below that will be forced to enter feedback.

  5. Select Save Settings at the top of the page

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