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Forms Management Center is your housing unit for all of your government’s forms that could you could potentially use to onboard an employee. There are two types of forms, Hard Copy and Online Forms.

  • Hard Copy Forms: These are forms that are managed by you. Your government will have control over these forms if they are ever in need of an update.  
  • Online Forms:  These forms are managed by CivicHR. If field changes are needed or new forms to be custom built, please direct those to CivicHR.

Important Note

  • If you do not enter a description as you create the form, the form must be deleted and re-uploaded to add in a description at a later date.


  1. Navigate to Job Templates
  2. Select Forms Management Center
  3. Hit the Create New Form button
  4. Fill in fields
    • Select Upload to select a file from your computer
    • Form Description: Provide brief comment on the form
  5. Form will automatically upload and convert to PDF

Note: If your form file name is easy to recognize it will populate the form name.

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