Edit an Employee & Features of an Employee



This article will show you how to edit an Employee and show you the features of an Employee.



  1. Navigate to Employees

  2. Select an employee

  3. Modify fields
    • Employee Information:
      • Employee Personal
        • First Name: Employee's first name
        • Middle Name: Employee's middle name
        • Last Name: Employee's last name
        • Email: Use employee's work email
          • Note: This will be the employee's username and password when they first log in.
          • Note: This email will be used to send system-generated emails.
        • Phone: Optional phone number
        • Address: Optional address information (Address, Address 2, City, State, ZIP)
      • Job Information
        • Location: Select the location of the employee's workplace
        • Supervisor: Responsible for the main appraisal
        • Job Title: Determines which factors the employee receives on their review
        • Hire Date Start Date: Determines the review cycle, unless there is a specified review date
        • Custom Id#: Add a custom ID number
      • Quick Links
        • Reset Password: Click to reset this employee's password
        • Archive: Click to archive this employee
      • Roles
        • System Admin: Full access to the site and all modules
        • Supervisor: Has employees report to them, are the main evaluators, will be an appraiser, can approve/reject finished reviews
        • Confidential Appraiser: Comments are anonymous
        • Hiring Manager: Supervises hiring process
      • Review Cycle
        • Use System Setting: Generate reviews based on the system-wide default
        • Anniversary Date: Generate reviews from the employee's anniversary date
        • Review Date: Generate the review on a specific date
      • Click Save to keep any changes
    • Activity: Timeline of changes for the employee
      • Add New Note: Enter a new note
    •  Workflow Setup
      • Appraiser Setup: Allows you to select another appraiser to evaluate the employee
        • Note: Click Edit to add appraiser(s)
        • Note: Appraiser(s) must be set up under the employee prior to creating the employee review
      • Approver Setup: Select the order or routing workflow of an employee's performance review. This is the order the review is routing through for approval.
      • Note: As soon as you add new appraisers and approvers, any current or next reviews will update as Closed.
    • Reviews: Snapshot of all reviews of the employee
  4. Return to Employee Information and click Save to confirm any changes

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