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CivicHR System Email Notifications


This is not a complete nor exhaustive list. CivicHR maintains the right to update notifications without notice.

Email Address

Event Job Alerts Candidate Applied Emails Password Resets Bulk Actions, Employee Password Resets Onboarding Emails Requisition requests and approval Automated Candidate Routing Onboarding emails for workflow tasks Emails sent from Performance Management







A new candidate has applied for the {job title} position

Any time an external candidate applies


Candidate evaluation submitted

When a hiring manager routes a candidate back


Requisition Requested

When a new request is submitted


Onboarding Plan Complete

When a new hire has completed their onboarding plan

Hiring Managers

One or more Candidates have been routed to you

Individual candidate routing, bulk routing, and routing reminders

Hiring Managers

Candidate routed to you for consideration

Automated Candidate Routing

Requisition Requestors

Job Requisition Routed for your Approval

An In Progress requisition has been routed

Requisition Requestors

Your requisition request for a {job title} was Approved

When your request is approved

Requisition Requestors

Requisition Request Routed

When a request is routed to you

Job Feedback Providers

Job Description Routed for your Feedback

Job is routed for feedback

Onboarding Workflow

You have been assigned the {task name} task for new hire {Emp Name} – NO REPLY ADDRESS

When you get assigned an onboarding task

Onboarding Workflow

Reminder to complete the {task name} task for new hire {Emp Name}- NO REPLY ADDRESS

Reminder to complete your designated task


Your Performance Review is now Ready to Evaluate

Review is ready to be evaluated


Employee Evaluation Complete

Email to main supervisors when shared appraisers finished their evaluation


Performance Review for {Employee Name} Approved by Final Level Approver {Supervisor Name}

When a review is approved by a final approver


Performance Review Evaluation Reminder

Reminder to complete an employee review


Performance Review for {Employee Name} has been Rejected by {Approver Name}

Approver rejects review, review returns to goes back to the main supervisor for review, the main supervisor receives a review rejected email


Review Feedback Due {Feedback Milestone Date} for Employee: {Employee Name}

Main supervisor and all shared appraisers will receive reminder emails (if a milestone was made for them) before, on and after milestone

Supervisors and Shared Appraisers

Review Feedback Due {Feedback Milestone Date} for Employee: {Employee Name}

The main supervisor and all shared appraisers will receive reminder emails (if a milestone was made for them) before, on and after the milestone


Performance Review Routed to you by {Manager Name} for {Employee Name}.

Sent when a review needs approval


{Customer Name} Job Application Account Registration

Sent when a user signs up for an account


Thank you for your application Sent when a user successfully submits an application


Incomplete Application Reminder for the {job title} Position Sent to remind a candidate about an unsubmitted application

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