Review Status Definitions


This article provides definitions for review statuses.

Current Definitions

  • Ready To Evaluate: The review has been created and is either ready to populate by the manager(s) and/or employee. Shared appraisers can access and evaluate the review.
  • In Progress: The review has been partially completed (competency, goal, and objective ratings, feedback, and/or additional document uploads) by the manager(s) and/or employee, not made viewable to the employee or shared appraiser.
  • Routed: The review has been routed for feedback and approval.
  • Routed Final: The review is routed to the Final Approver as designated in the Employees Routing Workflow.
  • Review Rejected: During the routing process, an individual to whom the review has been routed did not approve the review and returned it to the originating manager.
  • Completed: All review input has been received, routed and approval process is complete.
    • Note: The manager can still modify the review if changes need to be made.
  • Closed: The review is complete. All ratings, feedback, and documents have been entered and all modifications have been made. No further edits can occur. 

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