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Justifacts is a background check provider that can be used for pre-employment checks. In order to use the integration you must:

  • Have an existing account Justifacts
  • Contact Support with your Justifacts package ID(s)
  • Have manual roles turned on
    • Note: CivicHR Support will do this for you automatically.
  • Set a default background check package to pre-select per job
    • Note: This is an optional step. For instance, for all your police recruits you run the same background check and you want to ensure that the same check is run each time.


  1. Navigate to Candidates
  2. Select a candidate
  3. Go to the Justifacts tab
  4. Select a package
    • Note: If a default had been set, that will auto-fill for you.
  5. Click Submit to Justifacts
  6. Your pending order will appear. Justifacts will send an email to the candidate, and the Order Status will be updated as the applicant completed the Justifacts background check
      • Initiated: Candidate has not finished their background check
      • In Process: Candidate: Candidate has completed their portion of the background check
      • Completed: Background check is now ready for review
    • Note: Each report has a unique order number
  7. Order status updates to In Process: Justifacts when the candidate completes the check
    • Note: Order Status will change to Completed when check is complete
  8. Once the check is complete, the result will be listed. The result statuses are:
    • Clear: Passed background check
    • Review: More checks required
    • Adverse: Does not pass check
    • Note: The link to the Result URL will take you to the Justifacts report.


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