Job Alerts and the Daily Digest


Candidates can sign up to receive Job Alerts through a link on your Career Portal.


Each time a job posting (requisition) publishes, it will be included in a digest that goes out nightly.


In order for a requisition to be included in the nightly digest, it must:

  • Have an open day of today or in the past (future postings will not be included until the date they are published)
  • Have a closed day in the future
  • Must not be private
  • Must not be internal
  • If both, the open date plus the publish for X internal days must add up to at least be today

Candidates will receive one email per client they subscribe to with a list of all the postings that were published that day.


Note: The job summary tab in Job Management gives a brief description of the job. This is used in multiple places such as the posting list on the career portal and in the email digest.

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