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During the implementation of the CivicHR Applicant Tracking software, custom job application(s) can be built. These contain fields that are custom to your organization, in the format and order that you specify.

The form that is built will look like the picture below. This is the online form that the candidate will be presented with to collect these fields.


When the candidate is done filling out the job application, they will click a Submit Application button. A candidate record will now appear in the Candidate Management screen.


  1. Navigate to Candidates
  2. Select the candidate
  3. Click View Application
  4. Application in PDF form will pop-up with candidate name, candidate ID, email and phone number in the header
    • Note: Sensitive Assessments are assessments that can be used to ask for information that a hiring manager should not see, such as background information. Essentially behind the scenes, there are two pdf's, a non-sensitive version and a sensitive version. Administrators will see the version of the application that includes sensitive assessments while hiring managers will not. If you are an administrator, but want to see the non-sensitive version, use the Document Export button. 
    • Note: The Voluntary Self Identification Section is a section that is used to collect EEO information for EEO-4 reporting. This section is sensitive by default and will never be included on the version of the PDF that is visible to hiring managers. For administrators, based on your system settings, it may or may not be included in the version of the PDF that you want to view. 


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