Employee Portal


The Employee Portal is the one-stop shop for all of your employees’ needs. Your employees will need to access the Employee Portal to:

  • Apply for internal job postings
  • Fill out Onboarding plans and paperwork
  • Complete self-evaluations of their performance

Depending on your system configuration and your processes, you may have multiple reasons to direct your employees to use the portal.

Login to CivicHR with your system URL: http://{OrganizationName}

If you do not have any special permissions, you will be directed to the Employee Portal. If you are an administrator, hiring manager, or supervisor, you can use the Product Menu to navigate to the Employee Portal.

Differences from External Portal

  • No Veteran Status ID section
  • Has it's own application from the external portal
  • Can only have one job application for all internal jobs
  • No assessments
  • Cannot email candidates
  • No application submission reminders
  • No automated candidate routing
  • Resumes are not analyzed
  • Only included in the results of these reports: Internal Candidate List and Internal Candidate Detail Report
  • The personal information on the Candidate profile doesn't atuo-fill
  • Cannot sign up for internal-only job alerts
  • Cannot set an interview time for internal candidates
  • Doesn't show up under the unsubmitted applications

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