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The Email tab has the ability to send emails. This process will be for non-template emails. To use a template, view our article Create and Use Email Templates.


  1. Navigate to Email
  2. Fill in fields
    • Send To: Select appropriate recipients
      • Each candidate will receive a separate email and they will not see each other’s email addresses. The email will log in to the candidate record under Activity.
      • All Active Candidates will send an email to all your candidates. We do not recommend this option, as it is better to send tailored communication to your candidates.
      • All Passive Candidates will send an email to everyone who has signed up to receive the Job Alerts Digest.
    • Subject: Create a subject heading
    • Attachment: Attach a file to your email
    • Send On: Select a future date to send the email
      • Note: Leave this field blank if you want the email to send immediately.
    • Insert Field: Place mail merge fields into email
      • Note: If you use the #JobTitle# mail-merge field, you will want to Align the email to a requisition.
    • Body: Draft the content of the email
  3. Click Preview & Send
  4. Review the email information
  5. Click Send E-Mail

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