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Send Automated Emails with Templates


You can use Email Templates to automatically send emails to candidates. Templates can align to candidate status changes and dismissal reasons. When you change a status, and when the template is tied to that status, an email will automatically go out with the content of the template. 

This article will show you how to send automated emails and view emails the candidate has received. 


Send Automated Emails

  1. Navigate to Email

  2. Apply the appropriate template under the Load Template area
  3. Click Load Template

  4. New options will appear: do not select both Status Template or Dismissal Template

    • Note: If you select both, your candidate will receive two emails.
  5. Click Save Template
    • Note: Whenever a candidate’s status changes to HR Interview, an email sends to the candidate with the content of this email template.
    • Note: If you dismiss a candidate and set the reason to Inadequate Education, an email sends with the content of this template.  
  6. View emails the candidate has received

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