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The Job Management manages your job library. In this tab, you can create new jobs to assign to employees or requisitions.


  1. Navigate to Job Management 
  2. Click on Create New Job
  3. Fill in Basic Information fields
    • Required Fields
      • Job Title: Enter job name
      • Division: Enter employee's division
      • Department: Enter employee's department
      • Job Category: Enter employee's job category
      • Classification: Enter payment classification
      • Reports To: Enter direct supervisor
      • Pay Range: Enter pay range
      • Effective Date: Enter effective/start date
      • Pay Basis: Enter pay basis
      • Pay Status: Enter pay status
      • Pay Frequency: Enter how often the employee is paid
    • Optional Fields
      • Affirmative Action Category: Enter AAP (Affirmative Action Plan) category
      • Job Code: Enter the job code
      • Job Grade: Enter the job grade
      • Job Step: Enter the job step
      • Supervises: Enter the number of employees this user supervises
    • Other Fields
      • Job Description Feedback Routing: Review process for the job description
      • Automated Candidate Routing: Review process for the candidate
  4. Select Save Job Information
    • Note: Be sure to save before moving from one tab to another. 
    • Note: The names of the different areas of the job description are configurable. Your system names differ from the example below.
  5. Fill in Job Description text box
    • The editor allows you to format your text and insert images and documents. Use the Design, HTML, and Preview modes to view your work.
    • Note: Your Job Description will display on your Career Portal. If you would like your font to match your career portal, paste as plain text or type directly into the editor. The normal paste function will copy your source formatting and may not match your Career Portal.
  6. Add new Job Responsibilities
    1. Select New Job Responsibilities
      • Note: The following process will stay the same for any tab that requires the creation of new items via the New Item button. 
    2. Fill in fields (fields will vary)
    3. Click Save Job Responsibilities Details
  7. Add new Performance Measures
  8. Add new Duties
  9. Enter any Additional Information
  10. Enter a Disclaimer
  11. Add an Advertisement

    • Note: Job advertisements will help you sell the position to the candidate. Top performers are not interested in job facts. This is your chance to sell your company to these candidates. Be clear and concise about what the candidate can expect during the first 60 days in the position.
  12. Add Application Special Instructions
    • Note: The Application Special Instructions can show additional information to a candidate. For example, you may want to instruct the candidate that part of the hiring process is to get a notarized consent form for a background check. 
  13. Remember to select Save Job Information!

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