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Update Basic Job Information


This article will show you how to update basic job information, including Title, Division, Department, Salary Information, and more.

Important Note

  • If you update a Job Description, it will also affect any open requisitions or employees that are assigned to it.
  • If a job has already been Routed, you cannot make any more changes.


  1. Navigate to Job Management 
  2. Select (or search and select) the job you would like to edit
  3. Make edits as necessary
    • Required Fields
      • Job Title: Enter job name
      • Division: Enter employee's division
      • Department: Enter employee's department
      • Job Category: Enter employee's job category
      • Classification: Enter payment classification
      • Reports To: Enter direct supervisor
      • Pay Range: Enter pay range
      • Effective Date: Enter effective/start date
      • Pay Basis: Enter pay basis
      • Pay Status: Enter pay status
      • Pay Frequency: Enter how often the employee is paid
    • Optional Fields
      • Affirmative Action Category: Enter AAP (Affirmative Action Plan) category
      • Job Code: Enter the job code
      • Job Grade: Enter the job grade
      • Job Step: Enter the job step
      • Supervises: Enter the number of employees this user supervises
      • Employees in Position: Select employees
    • Other Fields
      • Job Description Feedback Routing: Review process for the job description
      • Automated Candidate Routing: Review process for the candidate
  4. Select Save Job Information at the top of the page

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