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This article will show you how to apply for a job in the Employee Portal.


  1. Navigate to the Employee Portal
  2. Click Apply Now next to the job you want to apply for
    • Note: You can use the Search function to quickly find a job.
  3. Fill in fields
    • Note: You can submit one application per job. If you think you received this message in mistake, please contact the HR department to notify them of the issue.
    • Instructions: This gives you instructions for applying, as well as a link to view the job description
    • Attach Documents: Use this option to attach a resume, portfolio, or other important documents to your application
      • Select Document Type: Specifiy the document you want to upload
      • Select Document: Click this button to find and upload the document from your computer
      • Upload Documents: Click this button to upload the document into your application
    • Job Title: Shows the title of the job you are applying for
    • Personal Information
      • Note: Many of these fields will auto-fill with your information
      • First Name: Add a first name
      • Middle Name (optional): Add middle name
      • Last Name: Add last name
      • Address 1: Add street information
      • Address 2 (optional): Add additional address information (Apt #, Suite #, etc)
      • City: Add city
      • State: Add state
      • Zip Code: Add ZIP code
      • Phone: Add phone number
      • Email Address: Add email address
    • Qualifications: Briefly explain your interest in the position and any relevant qualifications
    • Applicant Statement: You must Agree to submit the application
      • The statement reads: I certify that all information I have provided in order to apply for and secure work with this employer is true, complete and correct.
    • Signature: Leave an e-signature
      • Note: Click Sign Document to confirm the signature.
  4. Click Submit Application
    • Note: The application cannot be modified one it has been submitted.

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