Request a New Requisition


Administrators and Hiring Managers may request new Requisitions.

Important Note

  • If you are a Hiring Manager, your request will immediately be visible to administrators. Depending upon your process, you may have to route your request to gather various approvals before an Administrator approves. You will have to confirm with your HR administrator.


  1. Navigate to Requisitions
  2. Click Request New Requisition
  3. Fill in Requested Requisition Details
    • Request Details
      • Desired Posting Date: Choose the date to post the requisition
      • Alternate Job Title (visible to candidates): Choose an alternate job title, if desired
      • New Position: Indicate Yes/No if this is a new position
      • Replacement for Employee: Indicate if this new requisition is to replace or fill a position recently held by an employee
      • Open Until Filled: Indicate Yes/No if this requisition will stay open until completely filled
      • Department: Select a department
      • Requisition Type: Select the type of requisition
      • Internal or External Job Posting: Indicate if the hire should be Internal (within your organization), External (outside hire), or either (Both)
      • Safety Sensitive: Indicate Yes/No if the requisition will secure sensitive information
      • Job Opening Request For (required): Select the job for the requisition
        • Will auto-populate Job Description
    • Shift
      • Job Status: Indicate whether the requisition is for a Part or Full-Time job
      • Hours Per Week: Enter how many hours per week the job is for
      • Days of the Week: Enter days of the week the hire must work
      • Shift Start/End: Enter the start and end times for the shift
    • Informational
      • Job Site/Location (required): Select a location
      • Divisions/Commands: Select a division/command
      • Department No: Enter the department number
      • Job Grade: Enter the job grade 
      • Job Step: Enter the job step
      • Salary Request: Enter the desired salary amount
      • Cost Center: Enter a Cost Center
      • Job Code: Enter the job code
      • Position/Slot Number: Enter the position/slot number
      • Open Positions: Indicate how many open positions are available for this requisition
    • Requested By
      • Requested By (required): Select who requested the requisition
      • Contact Information (Phone or E-Mail): Enter the requester's contact information
      • Requisition Detail (visible to candidates): Provide a brief description of the requisition
      • Requisition Notes (not visible to candidates): Add notes, if desired
      • Additional Request Notes: Add more notes, if desired
  4. Click Save Request

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