Career Portal Settings



The Career Portal can select content, set up Email Templates, and view Candidate Resources.


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the Configuration tab
  3. Select the Career Portal Settings tab
  4. Navigate through the Career Portal Content tab
    • Job Listings Per Page: Number of postings per page on the embeddable career portal
      • Note: Users commonly have their job listings on their government website. The page can be found at: http://{OrganizationName}
    • Career Portal Settings
      • Display Job Alerts Section: Turns on Notify Me to allow candidates to receive job alerts
        • Note: They show as Passive candidates in Candidate Management.
      • Display Search by City/State: Adds a search for city/state in the embeddable career portal
      • Display Search by Locations: Adds a search for location in the embeddable career portal
      • Display Job Description Summary: Adds job descriptions to the front page of the career portal
      • Display Requisition Close Date/Time: Shows the close date and time of each requisition in the career portal
      • Display Divisions: Shows divisions in the career portal
        • Note: You may want to turn this off if you only use departments for display purposes.
      • Display Location: Shows the location of each requisition in the career portal
      • Display Weekly Hours: Shows the weekly hours of each requisition in the career portal
    • Career Portal Welcome Message: Edit your Welcome Message that displays on your career portal
  5. Navigate through the Applicant E-Mail Templates tab:
    • Note: To edit, click on the specific Message or Email and copy or type the text directly into the Message Box.
    • Applicant Welcome Message: Greet your visitors and introduce your community
    • Applicant Submission Message: Confirmation message that candidates see after they submit their application
    • Application Submission Email: Body of the email that candidates receive after successful application submission
    • Application Reminder Email: Body of the email that candidates receive after 24 hours after application start, but not submission.
  6. Navigate through the Candidate Resources tab
  7. Click Save Settings

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