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Email Template Definitions


This article will describe the default Email Templates that are available to you in Performance Management. 


Template Definitions 

Template Name

Email Subject


Route to Approver E-Mail

Performance Review Routed to you by {Manager Name} for {Employee Name}

This email is sent when the review has been routed to an approver.  All approvers will receive the same email.

Notify Employee of Ready to Evaluate Status

Your Performance Review is now Ready to Evaluate

This email is sent to the employee when the review changes from “In Progress” to “Ready to Evaluate status”.

Review Due E-Mail

 Review Due Today for Employee: {Employee Name}

When a review becomes due a reminder is sent before, on, and after the review due date until the review is completed. The supervisor, any shared appraiser(s), and the employee (if self-evaluations are turn on) will get this email.

Supervisor Feedback Reminder E-Mail

Review Feedback Due {Feedback Due Date} for Employee: {Employee Name}

The supervisor and all shared appraisers will receive reminder emails before, on, and after a feedback milestone.

Review Rejected E-Mail

Performance Review for {Employee Name} has been Rejected by {Approver Name}

This email is sent to the main supervisor when an approver rejects the review.

Review Approved – Final Level E-Mail

Performance Review for {Employee Name} Approved by Final Level Approver {Supervisor Name}

The main supervisor will receive an email when all approvers in the workflow have approved the review. The main supervisor will not receive an email for each approval, but only for the final approval.

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