Publish a Requisition


This article will show you how to publish a Requisition.



  1. Navigate to Requisitions

  2. Select the In Progress tab

  3. Select the requisition needing to be published

  4. Ensure that all fields have been completely appropriately
    • Select Job Title: Allows you to select what job from the Job Management library
    • Alternate Job Title: Allows alternate title
    • Location: Set the location of the position
    • Requisition Status: Update status of the requisition to be transparent to applicants
    • Requisition Type: Select the type such as hourly, contractor, etc.
    • Hours Per Week: Input the expected hours per week for the position
    • Daily Shift: Input the expected times for the daily shift, if applicable
    • Publish to Career Portal: Allows you to decide if the position is internal or external
    • Job Status: Indicate if it is a part-time or full-time position
    • Open Date: Indicates when the job will be visible to applicants so they can begin applying
      • Note: Applicants cannot view the requisition until after the open date.
    • Close Date: Indicates when the job will no longer be visible to applicants
      • Note: After this date, applicants are not able to view or submit applications, even if it was in progress.
    • Desired Start Date: Indicates the expected start date of the position
    • Requisition Notes: Add notes to the requisition
    • Private Requisition: Check the box to make the requisition private
      • Note: A private requisition does not display on the career portal. The only way to apply to a private requisition is to have the private requisition source link.
    • Require Resume Upload: Check the box to require a resume upload to be attached to the application
    • Require Additional Uploads: Check the box to require additional uploads to be attached to the application
    • Perpetual Requisition: Check the box to mark the requisition at perpetual; meaning the requisition will not close until an admin manually closes it
      • Note: Use this when there are multiple positions open for the requisition.
    • Number of Open Positions: Indicates how many positions are open for the requisition
    • Days of the Week: Indicate expected workdays for this position
    • Display Sections: Select sections from job management displays on the requisition page

  5. Select Save & Publish

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