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Career Portal

Fill Out Job Application in Career Portal


All available jobs are listed on the Career Portal. This can be accessed by going to {organization}

This article will show you how to apply for a job.


  1. Navigate to Career Portal ({organization}
  2. Click Apply Now for the job you want to apply to
  3. Select Existing User? Login Here
  4. Enter your Email and Password
  5. Click Sign In
  6. Fill in fields
    • Note: Fields may vary from application-to-application.
    • Personal Information
      • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name: First and last names are required
      • Alternative Names: List any other names you go by
      • Address 1, Address 2, City, State, ZIP Code, County: Enter address information
      • E-mail Address: Enter your e-mail address
      • Primary Phone: Enter your phone number
      • Alternate Phone: Enter an alternate phone number
    • Job Data
      • What is your desired salary range?: Enter your desired salary range
      • Dates Available for work?: Use the calendar to enter dates you will be consistently available to work
      • If you are under 18, can you show proof of a work permit?: Choose Yes, No, or Not Applicable
      • Have you ever been employed here before?: Choose Yes or No
      • Are you legally eligible for employment in this country?: Choose Yes or No
      • Type of employment desired?: Choose time-obligation you are willing to work
    • Employment Information
      • Current or Most Recent Employer: Enter information from your most recent job/employer
      • Click Add Another Job to fill out information about another previous job
    • Education Information
      • School 1: Enter information from your most education
      • Click Add Another School to fill out information about more previous education
    • Skills & Certifications
      • Software, Certification, Training: Enter the name of any softwares, certifications, or training you have completed
      • Years: Enter how long you have had the skill or certification
    • References
      • Reference 1: Enter contact information for a reference
      • Click Add Another Reference to fill out information about other references
    • Applicant Statement: "I certify the information I provide in this application is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and that I have listed all previously and currently held positions where the experience gained relates to the position that I am applying for. I understand that a confirmed misrepresentation may disqualify me from employment and/or result in dismissal at any point during my employment."
      • Note: You must click I Agree to successfully submit an application.
    • Signature: Leave an e-signature
      • Click Sign Document to confirm your signature
    • Voluntary Self Identification Section: Required by the EEOC and the city is required to report on the EEO-4 biannual; this information will not be disclosed to the hiring manager.
      • Gender: Self-identify your gender
      • Ethnicity: Self-identify your ethnicity
      • Veteran's Status: Self-identify your veteran's status
      • Disability: Self-identify your disability status
    • School Security Aide: Fill in job-specific fields
      • Note: These fields may vary from application-to-application.
    • Resume Upload
      • Select Resume: Select a resume from your computer
      • Upload Resume: Upload the document to attach to your application
    • Document Upload
      • Select Document Type: Indicate what type of document you want to upload
      • Select Document: Select a document from your computer
      • Upload Documents: Upload the document to attach to your application
  7. Click Save Progress or Submit Application
    • Save Progress: Saves your work, does not submit the application, and the application is still open for editing
    • Submit Application: Submits the application, cannot go back and edit
  8. Fill in post-application forms
    • Note: You must agree to a credit and background check.
    • I would like to obtain a copy of this report at no charge: Receive an automatic, free copy of the credit and background check
    • I have read and understand my rights regarding the Employment Credit Report: Sign that you have read and understood your rights
    • Full Name to Sign: Leave an e-signature
    • Current Date: Input the current date
  9. Click Complete Application

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