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When you publish a requisition on your Career Portal (both internal and external), candidates can click on a button called View Job Details which allows them to see the particulars of the posting. Some of these details are controlled through your system settings. Others are controlled through the requisition itself.

Below you will find an outline that shows you which details are controlled by which setting.


  1. To find your Job Detail settings, navigate to Settings on the left-hand side
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Select Career Portal Settings
  4. Find details underneath Career Portal Content
    • Note: These settings do not affect job details.
      • Job Listings Per Page Controls the number of jobs per page on the iFrame page
      • Display Job Alerts Section?: Turns on the Notify Me button which will send an email to a candidate when a job is posted. Candidates that sign up for job alerts can be found  with our Passive Candidates article
      • Display Search By City/State?: Turns on the search function for city and state found on your iFrame page
      • Display Search By Locations?: Turns on the search function for locations found on your iFrame page
    • Note: These affect how your job posting appears (the job details).
      • Display Job Description Summary?: Turns on the summary found on the iFrame page
        • Note: The summary is the second tab on the job found under Job Management.
      • Display Departments?: Turns on/off the department display
      • Display Requisition Close Date/Time?: Found at the top of the posting
        • Note: You cannot control this option on a per posting basis.
      • Display Divisions?: Turns on/off the division
      • Display Location?: Turns on/off the location
      • Display Weekly Hours?: Turns on/off the number of hours worked per week
    • Here is where these settings show:
      • Note: The remaining items, job statuses, shifts, days, status, and details are all controlled on the requisition. If the field is filled out on the requisition, then it shows. If not, then it is hidden.
  5. The Career Portal Welcome Message appears on the left-hand side of the External Career Portal
    • Note: You can use this to greet your candidates and welcome them to your city.
  6. Click Save Settings if you made any changes

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