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The settings found under the ATS Client Settings control various features such as job feedback routing, in progress requisition routing, external apply, hiring manager ratings, automated candidate routing, and employee account self-registration. 


  1. Navigate to Settings on the left-hand side
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Select Client Settings
    • Job Requisition Approver Available?: Turns on the ability to route an In Progress requisition to an approver
    • Job Requisition External Apply Available?: Turns on the ability to redirect the Apply Now button the on the career portal to an external link
    • Job Description Feedback Available?: Turns on the ability to route a job description to a person for feedback
    • Allow Hiring Manager Rating: Turns on the stars for hiring managers to rate candidates
    • Allow Automated Candidate Routing: Turns on the ability to have candidates automatically routed to a hiring manager upon the submission of their application
    • Allow Employee Account Self Registration: Turns on the ability to have employees self register their accounts

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