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You can bulk create reviews for employees with valid supervisors and who don't have current reviews.

Important Notes

  • The bulk create process runs in batches every 30 minutes. You will need to wait before your reviews will become available, it is not instantaneous. Additionally, emails for creation go out at 4 p.m. CST.
  • Although employees are listed in the section for bulk creation, it does not mean that bulk creation will be successful. The employee must also have a valid hire date. There may also be no factors aligned with their job. Before running bulk create, please inspect your settings.


  1. Navigate to Manage Reviews

  2. Click on Bulk Create Reviews

  3. Fill out the information
    • Employees without reviews in the system: These are employees who do not have an open review and have a valid supervisor; select the employees for which you would like to make reviews
      • Note: Press Shift to select multiple employees at once.
    • Create Reviews Using:
      • Empty Review: This is a review without factors
      • Review with Structure: This is a review with factors and weights
    • Notify E-mail: This email will be notified when all the reviews are created

  4. Click Bulk Create Reviews

  5. Scroll down to view Review Scheduling Failed For and Reviews Schedule Successfully For, with reasoning

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