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The Roles tab creates flexibility for administrators to provide specific access to the other tabs and candidate information.

Best Practices

  • If you use this feature, every time you have a new Hiring Manager or Administrator, you need to give them roles.
  • By default, every CivicHR system uses automatic roles. This is a predetermined set of roles that each administrator and hiring manager can access. We understand that your needs can vary and that for this level of control may be unnecessary. This feature is only turned on by request.
  • User Roles is a multi-phase project. Only the first phase of the project is complete. This means that only roles concerning the Candidate Detail Popup are configurable. The next phases of the project will address Candidate Management and then the remaining pieces of ATS.

Important Notes

  • User Roles is an advanced feature that is only turned on by request. Contact Support if you would like to turn on this feature.
  • Candidate Notes have varying levels of security. Admins can keep notes secret or not and hiring managers can share notes with each other. View our article Candidate Note Security Overview to view what roles to turn on for Automatic and/or Manual Roles.


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the Roles tab
  3. Select a Role
  4. Fill in fields
    • Name: Title of role
    • Description: Briefly describe levels of access
    • Role Keys: Check to add levels of access
      • Note: ATS and Candidates should always be checked.
      • Activity Tab: Whether you see the active tab or not on the candidate profile
        • Activity Type Dropdown List: Ability to filter between different types of activity
          • Application History Button: Able to see past applications in the candidate activity
          • Log Button: Able to view logged activity in the candidate activity
          • Email Button: Able to view emails sent to the candidate
          • Note Button: Can filter to see only notes in the activity
        • Add Note Panel: Access the button to add notes
        • Can View All Unlocked Note: Ability to see sensitive notes
        • Can View All Notes: Ability to see your notes plus not-sensitive notes
        • Locked Note Check Box: Ability to make notes sensitive. This hides notes from those who should not see sensitive notes
        • Can View All Requisitions: Ability to see candidate activity across requisitions; if you do not want your hiring managers to see activity to un-related positions, turn this OFF
      • Candidate Information Tab: Ability to see the personal information tab on the candidate profile
        • All Ratings Summary Panel: Ability to see the overall score plus all hiring manager ratings; can also change the overall rating
        • Assessment Score Panel: Ability to see the assessment score and Basic Minimum Qualifications (BMQ)
        • Share Button: Ability to share candidates outside of the system. This is not recommended for security purposes
        • Credit Report Response Panel: Ability to see the panel where the candidate answers questions for FCRA
        • Personal Information Panel: Can see the candidate’s phone number, email, and address
          • Can Edit: Can edit the candidate’s personal information
        • Status Panel: The panel that contains status, source, and group
          • Candidate Group Dropdown List: Can see the group that candidate is in
            • Can Edit: Can edit the candidate’s group
          • Dismissal Reason Dropdown List: Can see the dismissal reason for the candidate
            • Can Edit: Can edit the candidate’s dismissal reason
          • Source Drop Down List: Can see where the candidate applied from
          • Can Edit: Can edit the source the candidate came from
          • Status Drop Down List: Can see the candidate’s status
            • Can Edit: Can edit the candidate’s status; it is possible to hire a candidate here, but can only dismiss if you also have the role to put in a dismissal reason
        • View Application: Can open the candidate’s application
        • View Document Export Button: Can download all the candidate resources and application in one click
      • Interviews Tab: Can see the interview tab on the candidate profile
      • Resources Tab: Can see the resources tab on the candidate profile
        • All Resources: Can see everything uploaded to the candidate record, regardless if it was routed to you or not (hiring manager)
        • Delete Button: Can delete resources from the candidate record
        • Upload Panel: Can upload resources to the candidate profile
      • Routing Tab: Can see, route, and unroute the candidate; only turn this on for those who can share the candidate with other’s in your organization
      • Justifacts Tab: This will be turned on for you if you use the Justifacts integration
    • Settings and Roles Tab: Turn this on if you can create, edit, and delete user roles
    • Employees, Employee, Roles Tab: Turn this on if you can assign roles to employees
  5. Select Save Role at the bottom

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