Review Period Definitions


There are 3 data points to help you manage your reviews: review cycles, review periods, and review dates. This article will focus on Review Periods. To learn about review status and dates, please see our Review Status Definitions article and our Review Dates article



The review period is broken up into two categories, Open and Closed.

Open Reviews: Reviews that are currently active. You can have as many open reviews as you need. For example, an employee may have an annual review, but half-way through the year, they need a performance improvement plan. You can have two or more open reviews for any employee. 

Closed Reviews: Reviews are done. They will no longer send email reminders and are effectively in storage. When reviews are complete, it is a good idea to put them into the Closed review period. This lets supervisors know that these reviews are done and allow supervisors to focus only on the Open reviews. 

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