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Edit a Text Field in a Job



When you create a job, there are flexible Text Field Tabs and Tabs with Weight. Text field tabs are just that - a tab with just a text field along with standard editing options.

This article will show you how to edit a text field tab within a job. That may mean removing text or adding text.

You may want to call these text field tabs Job Description, Job Information, Job Summary, etc, but you have the ability to name it anything you want.


Important Note

Tab names, in a job, are personally configurable. Your system names may differ from the example. To edit a header, view our article Edit a Job Description Header.



  1. Navigate to Job Management on the left-hand side

  2. Select the Job that you want to add a Job Description to

  3. Navigate to a Text-Field tab

  4. Add your description in the text-box
    • Note: The editor allows you to format your text and insert links. Use the Design, HTML, and Preview modes to view your work.
    • Note: Your Job Description will display on your Career Portal. If you would like your font to match your career portal, paste as plain text or type directly into the editor. The normal paste function will copy your source formatting and may not match your Career Portal.

  5. Click Save Job Information

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