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The Job Management tab manages your job library. In this tab, you can create new jobs to assign to employees or requisitions.

When you initially create a new job, you can only create new Job Information, such as Job Title/Department/Salary information/etc. After you save the Basic Job Information, then you can add more information, such as a Description or Job Duties.


Important Note

Only System Administrators can post and choose to display jobs. Hiring Managers cannot post or display jobs.



  1. Navigate to Job Management

  2. Click Create New Job

  3. Fill in Basic Job Information
    • Note: All fields are required unless otherwise noted as Optional.
    • Job Title: Enter the job name
    • Division: Enter the employee's division
    • Department: Enter the employee's department
    • Job Category: Enter the employee's job category
    • Classification: Enter payment classification
    • Reports To: Enter direct supervisor
    • Pay Range: Enter pay range
    • Affirmative Action Category (optional): Enter AAP (Affirmative Action Plan) category
    • Effective Date: Enter effective/start date
    • Revised Date: Not editable
    • Pay Basis: Enter pay basis
    • Pay Status: Enter pay status
    • Pay Frequency: Enter how often the employee is paid
    • Job Code (optional): Enter the job code
    • Job Grade (optional): Enter the job grade
    • Job Step (optional): Enter the job step
    • Supervises (optional): Enter the number of employees this user supervises

  4. Fill in Routing options
    • Job Description Feedback Routing: Review process for the job description
    • Automated Candidate Routing: Review process for the candidate
      • Note: Use the box to select who to route candidates to when applying for this job. Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple hiring managers. Click Save Routing Workflow to save changes.

  5. Click Save Job Information at the top of the page

  6. Now, you can add more information, such as:

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