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This article will show you how to fully create and post a Job. You have to create and associate three things:

  1. The Job: Create the position
  2. Assessments: Create assessment questions
  3. The Requisition: Create the application

Within each step, there are secondary steps that are crucial in making sure the right job is associated with the right requisition.

  1. Create a Job
  2. Create Assessments
  3. Assign Assessments to the Job
  4. Create a Requisition
    • Note: Double-check the Job Details and Preview the Requisition to check for accuracy.
  5. Publish the Requisition
    • Note: Set the Requisition as Private/Future to preview the application for accuracy before you publish it for live use.
  • The Job: This screen contains all of your job description information for the selected job. Each tab contains job section-specific information that will allow you to create a job description that will attract top candidates.
  • Assessments: Use the form to create a new assessment list. After creating the list you can add questions to the list.
  • Requisition: Requisitions post the job. You will have to assign the Joyou created to a requisition, and then you must publish or request the requisition for publishing.

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